Effologic Joins the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC) Singapore

Collaboration is the key, specially when you are part of MSME value system. As the worlds migrates to 21st century, the dynamics of business are changing fast. From technology to consumer behavior, everything has almost under gone a rapid change. And of-course, the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises are the most affected unless they are well prepared to adopt, digest and practice the change. They need hand holding, to survive.
MSMEs are undoubtedly the engines for economic growth, specially for India & Asia Pacific region. They need to come together to raise their voice at various government & non-government forums. So, collaboration is the way forward. Considering this aspect, the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition was formed as a voice for smaller companies in the Asia Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC), headquartered at Singapore aims to shape & influence trade & commerce policies in the region to become more SME friendly. AMTC represents the voice of thousands of MSMEs from the APAC region from more than 20 countries & varied industrial backgrounds. Considering the need to build collective capacity and to adopt global best practices for the MSME segment, Effologic Consultants Pvt Ltd has joined the AMTC forum. AMTC shall engage in regional meets & workshops with various government and non-government bodies to improve the business & policy framework in the Asia Pacific Region.
Effologic Consultants Pvt Ltd is engaged in the mission of providing financial & management consultancy to the SME segment of India in order to help them in accessing Financial resources for business needs. Area of expertise for EffoLogic includes Project Finance, Investment & Asset Valuation, Mortgage Finance, Business Loans, Large Value Corporate Loans, Working Capital arrangement etc. By joining AMTC, EffoLogic aims to indulge with global best practitioners and also intends to raise its voice about various concerns with respect to availability of smooth finance to SMEs. #EffoLogic #ProjectFinance #MSME #Finance #Economics

Expressing sense of responsibility of EffoLogic for raising SME Voice at different forums, Director Mr. Pranjal Mattha Jain said that Effologic is not just focused on getting required financial resources for its clients, it is also committed for creation of long term skill development and talent base for its clients so as to make them competent against the large & rising base of MNCs. Further, Mr. Pranjal Mattha Jain said that entering the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC) reaffirms the commitment of of Effologic towards its stakeholders in raising voice at the national and international levels about various concerns being faced by the SME segment of India.

Effologic Joins the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition

Effologic Joins the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition

Effologic Consultants Pvt Ltd Joins the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition

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